So, what's the deal?
Yahoo! and Associated Content have joined forces!
Yahoo!, the web's most trafficked and well-known global media brand, and Associated Content are combining in order to take The People's Media Company concept to the highest level imaginable! As a part of Yahoo!, Associated Content's hundreds of thousands of Contributors will have more opportunities, new distribution channels, and the support of the web's biggest, most powerful media brand behind them! By adding Associated Content to its network of properties, Yahoo! can boast the web's most sophisticated crowd-sourced content platform, over 2 million articles and videos - and, most importantly, you - the web's largest, most prolific and talented community of content creators.
What will happen with
Associated Content will continue to be a primary publishing destination for Associated Content Contributors, and you'll continue to log in here to publish and manage your content and connect with other Contributors. Your profile will remain on the site, so continue to promote it! New branding initiatives will be announced in the future.
Associated Content is only getting better and bigger from here - brace yourself for good times and plenty of new opportunities. With Yahoo!'s wind beneath Associated Content's wings, Contributors can expect new assignments, new ways to profit from their content and improved marketing tools!
Will I still be able to submit topics of my choice for Upfront Payment review?
Yes, of course! While we hope to offer exponentially more Assignment Desk opportunities in the future, we will also continue to allow Contributors to submit on - and get paid for - topics of their choice.
Remember that the offer you receive is based on the uniqueness and depth of your topic as well as our current demand for that content.
Will I continue to receive the same Upfront Payments and Performance Payments?
Yes. Your compensation is not changing in the near future. If anything, it will only increase because of more demand for your content and Yahoo!'s advanced distribution abilities.
Who will be running Associated Content? Will I still get to work with the same staff?
Associated Content will continue to operate as is, and will be lead by the staff who built this amazing platform and community. Over the coming months, new people will be added to augment platform development, programming, content programming and customer support. Get ready for an even better experience!
What's the vision for Associated Content?
More than anything, Associated Content and Yahoo! are committed to being the leader in original content creation. We're committed to making Associated Content an even more elegant and scalable platform. We want to create more opportunities for Associated Content's Contributors to help us curate, create and distribute the best, most useful content on the web. Same vision - bigger goals!
Will I need a Yahoo! email account to access the site?
Can I tie my Associated Content account in with my Yahoo account?
Not yet, but we will add this functionality soon.
Is all of my confidential information still secure? (contact information, PayPal account information, W-9, etc.)
Yes. Absolutely.
I've been delivering partner assignments. Will this continue to be an opportunity for me?
Yes! And in the future, there will be a growing number of "partner" assignments for Yahoo! network sites such as Y! Finance, Shine, Y! Movies, OMG, Y! local and more.
Where will my content be published?
Content will continue to be published at at this point. Specific assignments may be published to different sites and or partners - check your assignment details for this info. As always, we will communicate any changes we make to the location or re-location of your content assets.
How will this deal affect content review time?
We don't expect any delays or changes in how quickly content is processed. And, we're expecting continued growth in submissions!
How will this impact international Contributors?
For the time being, there will be no changes for Associated Content's international Contributors. Expect new international initiatives in the coming months.
Will Associated Content blue turn into purple?
You never know what might happen!
How can I share my concerns or suggestions?
We'll set up a special thread in the forum. Otherwise, send your concerns or questions to
You can also see the press release and Luke Beatty's blog post!